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Peripheral Blood Flow

The peripheral blood flow or microcirculation parameter is well known and well researched, see links below for a sampling of literature articles in a variety of acute and chronic care applications:

Critical Care: Microcirculation Function

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chronic care: wound healing

Prediction of wound healing outcome using skin perfusion pressure & transcutaneous oximetry.  Takkin Lo, MD, MPH, CWS, Richard Sample, BSPH, Patrick Moore, MBA, Philip Gold, MD., Wounds. 2009;21(11). 

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Assessment of microcirculation and the prediction of healing in diabetic foot ulcers. Jarrod Shapiro and Aksone Nouvong in Medicine » Endocrinology and Metabolism » "Topics in the Prevention, Treatment and Complications of Type 2 Diabetes", Chapter 11, edited by Mark B. Zimering, ISBN 978-953-307-590-7, Published: November 4, 2011 under CC BY 3.0 license. © The Author(s).

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Chronic Disease: Cardiovascular  Disease-link with microcirculation

Skin microcirculation and echocardiographic and biochemical indices of left ventricular dysfunction in non-diabetic patients with heart failure. Dubiel M1, Królczyk J, Gąsowski J, Grodzicki T., Cardiol J. 2011;18(3):270-6.

Chronic Disease: Peripheral Arterial Disease-link with microcirculation

Relationship of lower extremity skin blood flow to the ankle brachial index in patients with peripheral arterial disease and normal volunteers. Otah KE1, Otah E, Clark LT, Salifu MO. Int J Cardiol. 2005 Aug 3;103(1):41-6. Epub 2005 Jan 28.