Our Mission

DermaFlow peripheral blood flow monitoring technology provides both clinician and consumer with the opportunity of user-friendly, non-invasive and accurate monitoring of the dermal microcirculation, and brings to the forefront the next vital sign in the assessment of both acute and chronic disease states.

What We Have Achieved

DermaFlow has developed a non-invasive technology that simply, accurately and cost effectively directly measures peripheral blood flow (microcirculation in the capillaries). The company's mission is to develop this technology into a routine measurement tool that can increase the quality of early detection, treatment and treatment monitoring; for in-patient, out-patient and the consumer at home.

  • Invented patented technology for routine non-invasive and sensitive measurement of peripheral circulation that is scalable

  • Developed prototype systems for in-vitro and in-vivo proof-of-concept trials

  • Conducted early hospital clinical trials in ICU, vascular and wound healing in Israel and the US

  • Presented trial data at medical conventions, subsequently published

  • Expedited technical development to improve and evolve hardware and create software

  • Implemented modular product strategy inclusive of standalone devices and embeddable modules as viable business models towards monetization both in consumer and clinical markets

  • Currently working with partners in consumer and clinical areas related to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, wound healing, vascular health and sports injury