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About DermaFlow

Non-invasive peripheral blood flow measurement opens new horizons for the clinician, patient, in and out of hospital, and the consumer.

Peripheral blood flow changes are amongst the very first to occur in acute and chronic medical situations, such as multi-organ dysfunction, sepsis, shock, vascular insufficiencies (Peripheral Artery Disease or PAD) and cardiovascular distress (Congestive Heart Failure, Coronary Arterial Disease).

Peripheral blood flow changes are also associated with multiple healing processes following skin, muscle and soft tissue damage, such as diabetic ulcers and neuropathy, and sports injuries.

Many disease states influence peripheral blood flow, either directly or indirectly. DermaFlow technology can accurately track these changes, allowing the clinician to monitor the patient, giving early feedback of change in disease status.

For doctors’ clinics, Dermaflow technology could simplify the process of screening for peripheral artery disease. Those with previously diagnosed peripheral artery disease  - or  those with a sedentary lifestyle - may find the technology useful in monitoring the state of  lower limb blood supply as well as helping to improve quality of life by improving compromised mobility

DermaFlow technology – a new dimension in active wearable, bedside and integrated health care devices




The advantages of low cost, user-friendliness, accuracy, optimal sensitivity and ability to embed suggest that the Perichek™ module designed for integration into hospital patient monitoring suites be considered as a first line technology for both clinical and consumer applications.



The Perichek™ peripheral blood flow module features thermally based DermaFlow technology providing a non-invasive, direct, accurate, and sensitive, method for measuring changes in peripheral blood flow.

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perichek multi™

For those clinical situations where peripheral blood flow monitoring only is required, a Perichek™ Multi system may be formatted as a stand-alone unit including one to four sensors, with the output displayed using DermaFlow software on the device display as well as on an lap-top or PC


point of care

Dermaflow technology (DF) has been validated in the measurement of peripheral blood flow in a variety of clinical applications, including peripheral artery disease (PAD). Recent pilot clinical work has confirmed earlier trials in demonstrating the ability of the technology to differentiate between PAD-affected and healthy lower limbs.

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